February 7th the ACC NL section met at Wallnuts for the AGM. For those that couldn’t attend the AGM here’s a quick recap of the meeting.
The new board was elected by acclamation as follows:
  • Section Chair – Joel Harvie
  • Secretary-Treasurer – Anthea Allan
  • Event Coordinator – Aaron Casey
  • Access – Leo van Ulden
  • Communications – Zoe Armstrong and Sheridan Moores
  • ACC Section Rep – Greg Locke and Ben Winstanley
Topics covered during the meeting included:
  • More frequent and varied events, including social events, film/competition screenings, and pub nights.
  • Recruiting more Trip Leaders to facilitate outdoor events.
  • Update on access trail to Flatrock Main Face, see CASNL’s post for more information.
  • Wilderness First Aid Training for ACC members.
  • Potentially events/trips for other activities aside from climbing, such as skiing, hiking, and camping.
Thanks to everyone who came out and gave input for the year ahead! Let us know about any suggestions or ideas on what you want to see in the next year.