CovershotFair Island, Bonavista Bay. July 3-5, 2015

Join trip leader, Nick Collins, exploring new bouldering and trad lines in the re-settled fishing village of Fair Island in Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland.You and your gear will be  picked up by a local fisherman in his boat and delivered to this idyllic island for a weekend of camping and climbing on previously unexplored rock.


Check in at Wareham Wharf, Popular Road, CentreVille, Bonavista Bay. Nfld.  at 8 pm on Friday
3.5 to 4 hour drive from St. John’s.
Go to the wharf (dock) off Popular Road to unload your stuff. Then go to dead end on Popular Road to park the car at the last house on the left.


Depart Fair Island on Sunday approx 4 PM.

Trip Leader:
Nick Collins
cell 709-699-9061
Or Facebook.

Cost: $40 event fee to cover chartering of the boat. Also included is a camping spot.
There is a 25 person maximum. 
Open to ACC and MUN Climbing Club members

IMPORTANT: READ THIS! You will on a small uninhabited island. There is no stores, no electricity, no running water (there is a toilet). You must be prepared.


Must:  Life jacket (Everyone needs one)
The Outfitters, Adventure Gear & Apparel downtown rents them for $10 /day or you can probably buy a cheap one from Canadian Tire.

-clothes for the weekend
-hiking boots
-sleeping bag
-food and stove
-Water for the weekend or pump to filter from well (no running water)
-Rain jacket
-Toilet paper (I sell mine by the sheet)

For night:
-long sleeves
-Beer (Optional, but highly recommended for the nightly fire in the cove)

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