The Wallnuts Climbing Centre and the Alpine Club of Canada hosted the first ever nationally sanctioned climbing competition in Newfoundland and Labrador on Sunday, Feb 16.  The junior (Under 19) competition was attended by more than 40 competitors between age 10 and 18 in including members of the Newfoundland Junior Climbing Team. They competed in five age categories plus a Finals event.

Winners in each category are now qualified for upcoming regional and national Canadian championships.

ACCNL and Wallnuts Youth Comp 2014  Results

Male – Youth D (Under 12):  1- Tim O’Brien, 2- Viktor Dubrowski, 3- Emmett Booth
Female – Youth D (Under 12):  1- Katherine Taylor-Hood, 2- Jaymee Pitcher, 3- Juliet Battcock
Male – Youth C (Age 12-13):  1- Cian Waterhouse
Female – Youth C (Age 12-13): 1- Alida Zedel, 2- Kine Gran, 3- Elizabeth Audas
Male – Youth B (Age 14-15): 1- Artemis Strangecrow, 2- Michael Reader
Female – Youth B (Age 14-15): 1- Erinn Locke, 2- Sally Mathews, 3- Rebecca Carolan
Male – Youth A (Age 16-17) 1- Andrew Rideout,  2- Nicholas Spurrell, 3- Mitchell Edwards
Female Youth A (Age 16-17) 1- Beth Ellliott
Male – Junior (Age 18-19)  1- Brent Bartlett, 2- Damien Phillips
Female Junior (18-19) 1- Sarah Spurrell, 2- Susan Alteen, 3- Erynn Button
MALE FINALS Comp (All ages): 1-Brent Bartlett, 2- Damien Phillips
FEMALE FINALS Comp (All ages):  1-Sarah Spurrell, 2-Erinn Locke, 3-Su Alteen

More information on competitive sport climbing in the province can be found at the Alpine Club of Canada (NL Section)