Erinn Locke flashes Problem 2 of Woman's Open Finals.
 Erinn Locke flashes Problem 2 of Woman’s Open Finals.


Big congratulations to the ACC NL Junior Climbing Team (Under 19) who took podium spots in five categories at the Newfoundland Bloc On The Rock provincial bouldering competition host by the Wallnuts Climbing Centre on November 26th. It should be noted that Erinn Locke and Sarah Moore are 16 and 15 respectively competing in open class and outside their age categories. Mitchell Edwards is 18 competing in Open class. Coach Erin Boyd said she was very proud of her climbers as this was their first competition since becoming coach earlier this year.
Next on the schedule is the FQME Quebec provincials and national qualifiers in the new year.


Erinn Locke, 1st Place. Woman’s Open.
Sarah Moore, 8th Place. Woman’s Open
Mitchell Edwards, 3rd Place Men’s Open.
Lily Dubrowski, 1st Place. Under 191st  Woman
Nathan Hesketh, 1st Place. Under 19 Men
Michael Reader. 2nd Place. Under 19 Men
Cian Waterhouse. 3rd Place. Under 19 Men
Adam Strong, 4th Place. Under 19 Men
Viktor Dubrowski, 5th Place. Under 19 Men
EmmettBooth, Under 12.