NOTICE: Parking at Flatrock.

The Flatrock town council is concerned about the increased amount of traffic from climbers and hikers as it is causing parking problems for the town. They asked me to pass this along this to the climbing community.

1/ They will be erecting no parking signs on the upper part of Wades lane in the near future.

2/ There is new larger parking area accessible at the end (bottom?) of Wades lane (near the green trailer) and above the public wharf …which is the trail head for the East Coast Trails’ Father Troy Trail. There are signs on the main road for this. There is also parking available in the Ocean View Park which is opposite the public wharf. So in an effort to keep relationships on good term with the good people of Flatrock lets try to respect their wishes.

You can visit the Town of Flatrock website and contact their town hall for any further information.